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Easter! My favorite holiday! What's better then celebrating the Rebirth of another year, by biting the heads off of rabbits? Chocolate rabbits. We're not animals you know.

This Easter is a real whammy. It's Travis' and I, 15 year anniversary (waaaat!!) and 9 years to the day we bought MeVoy. What's Me Voy? MeVoy was our last big together project (, which is funding this current adventure. I'm sure she will come up from time to time, as the last chuck of our lives was nothing but boat restoration, and honestly we are still recovering from that. But, I don't much feel like looking back right now. I'm taking my cues from all the pretty blooming things, and moving forward into the new season. I only hope to show up for this new life with as much grace and beauty as the wildflowers do!

This Easter, however, was the first time we did not wake up in the same bed.

We had decided that I will go down to the land a few days ahead of Trav…

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