Boy Toy

Armed with a chainsaw, weedwackers, and big dreams, we headed off to  "the bush". We are looking to come up with a more creative name for the place, but, right now,  this is the best we got.

Last week I cleared the driveway of little prickly things, but soon realized this was a job for a much bigger tool.

Travis also had his hands full with the brush pile we made last week. It had grown to monstrous proportions. Time to make some wood chips.

If there ever was a question of the bad assed-ness of the Honda Fit, let THIS put it to rest. Yes, we hauled the chipper in the Fit. Travis had to remove the feeder chute, but it was all go after that. No problem.

Along with the Honda Fit, another shout out must go to Craigslist. I'm pretty sure, most everything we buy comes from Craigslist. This machine, the MIGHTY MAC,  was no exception. Retail $1400, Craigslist $150. It was a hard won deal though. The only reason we ended up with it, was because the buyer lined up to get it never showed up.  We got the text, dropped everything and immediately sped off to pick this baby up. 

The guy demonstrated how it worked at his place, but we still had the butterflies turing it on and giving it a go. At the end of the day though, after plowing thru the ENTIRE brush pile in about two hours, we were confident this was one of the greatest machines ever! BTW when I say WE,  I mostly mean Travis. I mean, the thing is impressive, but feeding those branches into its mouth takes muscle. Big Man Muscle. Plus its very loud. Very loud. Take a listen and see for yourself.


Anyway with the brush, and the daylight, fast disappearing, it was time to spread some of that mulch around and load up back to Baltimore. Cant wait to get back here next week, with bigger tools!


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