Easter! My favorite holiday! What's better then celebrating the Rebirth of another year, by biting the heads off of rabbits? Chocolate rabbits. We're not animals you know.

This Easter is a real whammy. It's Travis' and I, 15 year anniversary (waaaat!!) and 9 years to the day we bought MeVoy. What's Me Voy? MeVoy was our last big together project (sailingmeboy.blogspot.com), which is funding this current adventure. I'm sure she will come up from time to time, as the last chuck of our lives was nothing but boat restoration, and honestly we are still recovering from that. But, I don't much feel like looking back right now. I'm taking my cues from all the pretty blooming things, and moving forward into the new season. I only hope to show up for this new life with as much grace and beauty as the wildflowers do!

This Easter, however, was the first time we did not wake up in the same bed.

We had decided that I will go down to the land a few days ahead of Travis, taking Billy and Chopper, for a quiet retreat. You see I have been away, traveling with family, and have had yet to sped a night on the land! Travis, on the other hand, has been all in. We found a small camper (more on that later) which he set up for camping, and by the time I came back, he had the electric service all set up and had been camping there for a week or so. I was beginning to feel a bit disconnected from the goings on, and needed some alone time (with Billy and Chopper) to get to know the heart of the place.

Turns out, the heart, at night, is really really DARK! And really really QUIET! Playing guitar by the fire, I was sure the music could be heard to the end of the universe, which I by all accounts, began about three feet in front of me.

The day however, dawned hot and bright. Much too hot for an April morning! I can already tell that shade, on this main flat spot where we are planning a shop, will be a priority.

Billy agreed, and soon found himself  a very cool spot in some of the trash the previous owners left  behind and we have yet to get rid of. As you can see, they were avid sportsmen. Beer cans, shotgun shells, and decimated targets, are evidence of the kind of war zone this place must have been.

Not long after yoga with Chopper, I had to find out what giant bird was making what sounded like a plaintive prehistoric call. It must, no doubt, be a giant predator,  just waiting to swoop down and eat my two friends, who are , as you notice, of the smaller persuasion.

Intrigued, we went to investigate. I tracked the sounds to a branch not very high up in the tree where I saw, first a streak of blue, then the LOUD "caaawaaaaakeeer"! No, that sound does not do it justice. "CAAAWAAAAKEEEEER!!!" That's more like it. And here was the culprit...

...All nine inches of him! This blue jay puts to rest any doubt in my mind that birds are modern day dinosaurs.

Having assured myself that no one will be swooped from the air today, I soon got the call that Travis will be joining us shortly. We all did the happy dance when hearing this good news, and, waited for the festivities to begin.

Soon we heard the rumbling of our Honda Fit coming up the driveway. Travis surprised us all with an Easter basket and Chinese food. Very traditional right? This was, in fact, the FIRST Easter basket in our together history. We were all very excited!

You see in Poland, where I'm originally from, there's no chocolate or bunnies in Easter baskets! It's all eggs and sausage and horseradish. The basket gets taken to church, were everyone quietly judges the cleanliness of the doilies covering the loot in the basket, gets blessed, and gets eaten for breakfast. It's a lovely tradition, that we have never been able to reconcile, and hence no Easter basket for us! But no, not this year! It's a new life after all, and this year we will have an AMERICAN Easter, with chocolate, and candy and fake grass and booze. I DO love America! Chopper approves of the new tradition as well.

Fueled by the country air, chinese food, and chocolate, Travis jumped on our new-to-us lawn mower and made short work of a field of brambles.
After mowing
before mowing
We are figuring this spot to eventually be the main orchard and garden area. There is a little creek that flows the thru that may be useful for irrigation, and the whole area is lovely and flat and sunny. But I digress, and just, want to brag about Travis a bit more.

Here's a man who works all week, makes an Easter basket to celebrate our special day, shows up with lunch, and has enough left over to mow the lawn and jam into the night. His legendary mushroom gravy and home made pies will make your grandma weep with envy, and he can keep me laughing for days. Oh yeah, and dead sexy right? Yep, I Love you long time babe! Hope to get old and wrinkly with you, here, there or anywhere. Happy Anni-jeastery, or is it Jeaster-versary?


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