The Camper

In the spirit of keeping things simple, we went thru just about every plan we could think of, when deciding on our temporary living situation here at the land.

Should we renovate the Sprinter and turn it into an RV?

That was our original plan for the old, but yet hearty Sprinter we got at auction several years ago.  But, build out an RV, really? Do we really want to spend the next few months, in THAT swamp of alligators?

Why not get a camper already done?
*too expensive

What about the tent?
*it's still really cold out at night

What about a ready made shed, that we could fix up to be our tiny house?
*too much of a commitment to something were not committed to

Maybe a yurt?
*expensive and that commitment thing again

Well, maybe we SHOULD build out the Sprinter?

That was the loop, going round and around, with no apparent end. It was starting to get exhausting just THINKNING about the next step. It had to stop.

"Patience settles in the bones, before it blooms in the heart" said Mary Oliver. She must have known both, the lure of running around trying to get things done, and the importance of dropping it all. Yes. It was clear. We had to drop all this scheming, and let patience settle into our bones.

So we did. We refocused our attention to things like Netflix binging, guitar playing, and sailing with our friends who still had sailboats. No camper talk, no tiny house plans. In fact no planning whatsoever. Just good ole fashioned fun.

And then it happened. A casual look at Craigslist and BAM. We found it. A camper. A small camper, with a great layout.  AND reasonably priced. Perhaps, like me, you didn't know that vintage campers are all the rage right now. Pretty soon everyone will have a vintage camper listed on AirBNB, (ok were thinking about it too) and I'm guessing this caused their selling price to rise between reasonable and WHAT?!  This is what initially discouraged us from pursuing the camper route, but... we saw this one, and $500 later we are calling it ours.

It's ugly, but, ugly can be painted. Ugly can be re- upholstered. And ugly is FUN to make pretty!

And so just like that, everything fell into place again. We have a plan. We have a place to sleep, and cook, and wash. I'm eager to get started giving this Fleetwing a thorough make over, but for now we will crash in its very dated interior and listen to that glorious silence. Good times.


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